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787Re: [aima-talk] Re: Performance Measure

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  • Chuck Wolber
    Oct 2 12:20 AM
      On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Ravi Mohan wrote:

      > > Which is correct? I emailed Ravi Mohan about that, but never received
      > > a response.
      > I had replied to you as soon as I saw your email (The reply is
      > duplicated below, Please note the date. Maybe your filters plonked it
      > into your spam folder? )

      Weird. You're right, I did receive it, at least my mail server logs say
      so, but it wasn't trapped in my spam folder nor do I recall seeing it in
      my inbox.

      > > Since the Vaccum cleaner environment referred to in question 2.7
      > > refers to the assumptions made on page 36, I am confused at how a
      > > reward of ten points was associated with cleaning a location?
      > See Section 3.2 (Example Problems) for where the path cost comes from. I
      > am not sure where I got the performance measure of +10, but it looks
      > reasonable to me.
      > Feel free to alter it to whatever makes sense :-). Any value that is nx
      > for n > 1 should work.

      Thanks, that explains a lot.

      I'm still curious as to what the value of setting the performance penalty
      to -1 where the reward is +1. It seems as if they'll simply cancel each
      other out. Or perhaps I am over thinking it and missing the fact that
      question 2.9 speaks from the standpoint of an agent that cannot possibly
      maximize its performance measure.


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