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767Math for AI

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  • Jim
    Jul 15, 2007
      I'm late to the game, some would say. But I've been interested in the
      concepts of AI since a kid. Only recently have I started doing
      something about it. I'm a PHP engineer and have been coding for 7
      years. Got the architecture and logic side down.

      My big issue now is math. As I learn more and breadth/depth searches,
      neural networks, etc I'm realizing I'm really deficient in the math

      So I'm trying to figure out a good path for the next year to study. I
      skipped college and got as far as Algebra, Geometry and a hint of Trig
      in High School.

      Any suggestions on what I should start with and a possible path I
      should follow to help me during my AI learning process? Thanks!
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