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746Re: [aima-talk] Semantic Web Vs Artificial Intelligence

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  • Anupam Jain
    Mar 17, 2007
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      Someone will correct me if incorrect but isnt semantic web completely disconnected (unrelated) with AI?

      Semantic Web is all about adding meaning to 'everything' on the web (by humans) so that 'more meaning' can be generated out of the web 'collectively'

      AI  all about teaching machines to apply/learn intelligence

      So AI is an effort to make machines 'intelligent' but SW is an effort to 'enable machines' to intrepret the web.

      Of course, AI can be applied to SW but so can other fields of (computer) science ?


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      Sent: Friday, March 16, 2007 1:08:00 AM
      Subject: [aima-talk] Semantic Web Vs Artificial Intelligence

      Considering the recent interest in "Semantic Web", as a part of the
      SOA course, the students are discussing the "Semantic Web Vs
      Artificial Intelligence" .

      In "The Semantic Web Primer" book author's arguements are based on
      'Partial solution' and 'need of human intelligence' .

      We would like you know the viewpoint of AIMA authors, and thier
      thoughts on compare/contrast of these two domains.

      Thanks in advance.

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