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739Re: [aima-talk] Breadth-First Search

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    Feb 17, 2007
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      Hi Evyn !

      On page 74 3rd line .... the formula is:

      b+b^2+b^3+....b^d+{b^(d+1) - b} = O(b^(d+1))

      so if you put b=10 and d=2 you will get,
      => 10 + 10^2 + (10^3 - 10)
      => 10+100+1000-10
      => 1100 :)

      I think you are confused with Big-O Notation ... its for the Order of the eq/formula. Google that for more info.
      To me the basic idea in this topic is the memory & time complextiy that increases with increasing the depth of BF search. O(b^d+1) actually shows this complexity in mathematical terms.

      I am my self not an expert, so a percise and better explanantion from some one will be appretiated.

      best regards,
      Bilal Hayat Butt

      evyn <demskeye@...> wrote:

      On page 74 of The Book there is a formula O(b^d+1).

      The example states that b=10 and d=2, which in my mind results in 10^3
      = 1000, but the example gives the result 1100.

      Where is my mistake?


      [3 ! |_ /\ |_

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