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724"other" variables should include the Bij in Sec. 13.7

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  • Robert Futrelle
    Dec 3, 2006
      In Sec. 13.7, "The Wumpus World revisted", the approach starts with
      the distribution of all Pij variables, but only three of the Bij
      variables, B11, B12, and B21. It later factors out the "other"
      variables, meaning only the "other" Pij ones. Since there are
      dependencies involving the "other" Bij ones, why are they not
      included? For example, there is a certain relation between P44 and
      B34 which is part of the full joint. The "other" Bij ones would also
      factor out, since the results of interest are conditionally
      independent of them also.

      It might have been better to say that "other" includes all "other"
      Pij *and* Bij ones, would it not? Even though pits are the *cause*
      of breezes, that doesn't mean that the Bij ones can simply be ignored.

      -- Bob Futrelle
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