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712Re: [aima-talk] Model-based reflex agents and goal-based agents

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    Oct 28, 2006
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      plz review ur question

      u said mba knows what happen to the world after action x taken and ur question says he didnt ???


      On 10/28/06, saarlodri1984 <brotsammler@...> wrote:


      I've a question about the difference of the model-based agent(mba) and
      the goal-based agent (gba) without regarding the difference of reflex
      and goal.

      I mean the mba has informations about the world evolves, if he does an
      action, right? But with this knowledge he knows about the world after
      his action? I don't understand that the mba has no knowledge what the
      world would be if he take an action.

      Can someone explain it to me?

      Greets Andi

      Eng. Osama Lotf Barakat

      Technical Administrator;

      4th year ;
      computer engineering;
      Cairo Univeristy
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