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705How users search and how they “discover” their own keywords

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  • ragusa2001
    Aug 3, 2006
      Users query Search Engines databases by words. They are enabled to
      query by sequence of words and/or by combining them logically in a
      sort of "Logical Hook". Some successful chains become "keywords" for
      users. That's very important: actual search engines do not offer
      searching by "keywords", they ignore them. From time to time some
      "tracking" services offer the most frequent keywords, single words or
      combination of words most frequently used. Darwin strategy is focused
      in discovering them, assign them to specific subjects of the Human
      Knowledge and accordingly offer them to users. In the future, it will
      be also advisable to index pages and even Web sites by these keywords....

      more in: http://www.intag.org/blog/