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663Re: [aima-talk] What are the best online resources available for AIMA?

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  • Robert Futrelle
    Apr 5, 2006
      Re: [aima-talk] What are the best online resources availab
      If you have a chance to look at Norvig's book,  Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp, it can teach you a lot.  It will show you how compactly Lisp can represent and manipulate knowledge-related structures and algorithms.

      C is a poor language for AI because its syntax is so distant from the concepts you are working with.  The essence of AI is concepts and algorithms, not code and efficiency.  When trying to do symbolic computations in C, most people end up unwittingly re-implementing many of the basics of Lisp in order to do the symbolic computations. "Those who don't know Lisp are forced to reinvent it," the saying goes.

      At least Java and some other modern languages took seriously the importance of the lack of pointers and automatic memory management that were in Lisp from the beginning.  Whether or not you use Lisp, you owe it a debt of gratitude.

      BTW: What free AI book is being referred to?

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      > Should I go with Prolog or Scheme?

      I've heard a lot of times that learning a new [computer] language helps you a
      lot using the others better. And that has been indeed my personal experience. I
      program mostly in Java but use often recursive methods I learned from Lisp,
      Scheme and the pseudo-code of AIMA.

      > Do you have any other resouces/slides/etc to recommend?

      There is a free book about AI and lots of high quality Wikipedia pages which
      will soon become the best source IMHO.

      I'm programming a library in Java (mainly with the algorithms of AIMA). I'm
      programming applets too. You can see a preview at:

      IMHO Scheme, Lisp, Prolog (which I have no idea of) are old programming
      languages. Most projects are done in C, when performance is important, or in
      Java and Python, when performance is not very important. As a language for
      students, Python is really intuitive. I like Groovy too, but I haven't had much
      time yet to play with it.

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