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660What are the best online resources available for AIMA?

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  • Farid B
    Apr 4, 2006

      A few days ago, in search for some online resources on AIMA I cam across the iCampus educational project at MIT available at:


      Now, my question is: Does any of you guys have any experience with it? Since one of the major prerequisites is learning Scheme programming language, is it worth the overhead of learning a new language? I live in Iran and Prolog is mostly advocated as the de facto programming language to learn for A.I. Should I go with Prolog or Scheme?

      As for other online resources, we all know that there are TONs of presentation slides available for AIMA. Russel's slides are fine, but they're mostly aimed at the professor and not the students, I suppose. Do you have any other resouces/slides/etc to recommend?

      Thanks in advance.

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