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654fixed-lag-smoothing 15.6

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  • Ivan F. Villanueva B.
    Mar 23, 2006
      as an exercise for my java skills, I continue programming the algorithms in
      Aima. For the Fixed-Lag-Smoothing (15.6) I have managed to write something that
      works, given the same output as my Forward-Backward algorithm, which in turn
      returns the same values as in the examples in the book. So I suppose it works.

      In my opinion the following lines have to look like this in order to work, and
      they are wrong in the book. Please let me know if I have mistaken something or
      if you agree:

      f <- FORWARD(f, e(t-d))
      O(t-d) <- diagonal matrix containing P(e(t-d) | X(t-d))
      remove e(t-d) from the beginning of e(t-d:t)

      Ivan F. Villanueva B.
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