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648Re: [aima-talk] Problems in the Book of AI

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  • Ivan F. Villanueva B.
    Mar 17, 2006
      Hi John,

      On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 06:34:19PM -0800, john nassan wrote:
      > hi everybody ,i am john a new member of your group
      > i need help in 2 problems in the AI book
      > the problems are 16.11 and 17.10 so plz if anyone could help me to solve these
      > problems or even send me the solutions ............i would be thankfull

      If it is an assignment for a class, you could send us the mail address of your
      tutor and we would send the solutions directly, so you don't even need to spend
      time doing it.

      Ivan F. Villanueva B.
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