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626need help immediately

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  • Muhammad Ilyas
    Feb 19, 2006
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      hi everyone
      i need source code for the problem given in exercise 14.8 Q.6 in
      the book Artificial Intelligence By George F Luger &W.A.S
      the problem statement is as following

      use a back propagation net. to recognize ten (hand drawn) digits.
      One approach would be to build a 4*6 array of points when a digit is
      drawn on this grid it will cover some elements.giving them value 1
      or 0 the 24 element vector would be the input vallue for ur net u
      would build ur own training vectors.

      please code should be in C++,java or .net
      preferably in c++

      please if u can then send me as soon as possible can also send at

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