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610January 12, 2006 AIMA Lisp code update confusing

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  • Robert Futrelle
    Jan 12, 2006
      There seem to be about three files that were updated today. A number
      of directories in the updated Lisp code are empty, e.g., search/ and
      learning/. A comment on the site reads: "The updates will be
      incorporated soon into the standard AIMA Lisp code."

      So at the moment, anyone who downloads the code.tar.gz file will get
      an incomplete collection of code. The previous, full version, is not

      So the new file should NOT be used to replace your old AIMA Lisp code
      collection. It would have to be merged manually. I'll wait, thanks,
      since I'm using an older version of Allegro.

      -- Bob Futrelle