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604A problem with planning

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  • Jian Tang
    Dec 30, 2005
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      I have a problem related to planning. Can anyone take a look and
      give any suggestion?

      The chapter 11 and 12 in the AIMA boook talks about the planning,
      but it doesn't talk much about STRPS-like schemas. I am reading a
      paper by Daniel S. Weld, "An Introduction to Least Commitment
      Planning", which talks more about the extensions such as universal
      quantification, conditional effects, etc.

      The Universally quantified conditional effects allow the
      specification of objects such as briefcases, where moving the
      briefcase causes all objects inside to move as well.

      If we write out the action, it will look like.
      Action(Move(b,from, to),
      PRECOND: at(b, from) and (from NOTEQUAL to)
      effect: (at(b, to) and NOT at(b, from) and
      for all x, when in(x,b): NOT at(x, from) and at(x, to).

      Assuming I have a initial state that my driverlicense is in the
      wallet, which is in the briefcase. And the briefcase is in New York.
      That is:

      at(briefcase, NY) and at(wallet, NY) and at(DriverLicense, NY) and in
      (wallet, briefcase) and in(DriverLicense, wallet).

      If we apply the action move(briefcase, NY, FL), we can get :
      at(briefcase, FL) and at(wallet, FL) and at(DriverLicense, NY) and in
      (wallet, briefcase) and in(DriverLicense, wallet).

      The DriverLicense is still in NY. How can I write the action so
      DriverLicense will move to FL too? My thought is that we should
      recursively change the state in the EFFECT clause for all sub-
      clause. Is there any syntax support for this kind of problem?