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587Re: [aima-talk] Hi , i would like your help!(Hi Ahmad)

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  • Munajjed ahmad
    Nov 25, 2005
      hi, and thank you for your replay , and you are right but the problem that i am facing now is hot write the vacume direction random function , so if you could explan it for me or send me an algo of it or the code of it i would be thankfull .

      thank you , ahmad

      mohammad tavangary <m_tavangary@...> wrote:
      Hi Ahmad
      ofcurs you should have a random initialization.
      and for your vacume direction indicating you must use random function too.
      but you must take care that your first point coordination shouldnt be in a wall coordination.
      by the way i have this program and if you need it say to me to sent if.
      good luck

      phantomsg1 <phantomsg1@...> wrote:
      Hi every one i am new to the group, my name is Ahmad i'm a CS student
      and cruntly taking "Introduction to AI " and using the "Artificial
      intelligence : Amodren approach by Stuart Russell & Peter Norving 2
      edition and my problem is that i was given an assinment to implement
      the vacume-world problem using the breadth-first & depth-first search
      stratigies and i do not know where to start so if some one could
      please give me an idea on how to start and i would be gratley thankfull.

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