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582Virus/Worm update

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  • Ravi Mohan
    Nov 3, 2005
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      Hi all,

      I have completed checking the aima java archive with norton, mcAffee
      and PC Cillin.All 3 products report that the archive is clean. It
      seems that the archive is getting infected AFTER download onto an
      infected network.(both reports came from the same university)

      The worm's description at
      seems to indicate that the worm spreads through email (executable)

      Since the archive does not contain any kind of binary file(except
      .class files) worm infection is very unlikely. In the next upload, I
      will include an MD5 hash so people can check if the archive has been
      tampered with.

      Conclusion : The aima.zip file on the AIMA site is clean.
      If I get any data to indicate the contrary, I'll post it here.