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533ANNOUNCE - Aima Java 0.4 release

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  • Ravi Mohan
    Aug 29, 2005
      Hi all,
      Aima java 0.4 with additional code for probability and supervised
      machine learning (plus quite a few bug fixes) has been posted on the
      aima site .You will need java 1.5 to run the code .

      The index file has not been updated yet so don't get freaked . The
      additional chapters covered are 13, 14, 18 and 20 .In addition ,the
      propositional logic code has been re written and should work much better.

      Download ! enjoy!

      Plans are afoot to make it easier to access/contribute to the code
      base and file bug reports and change requests . Till these changes
      come into effect, please send any comments or report any bugs
      directly to me .Please do not post java specific doubts etc on this
      group . I generally respond withing 12 hours of receiving mail .