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530Re: [aima-talk] Help needed in developing intelligent agent

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  • mohammad assarian
    Aug 26, 2005
      Hi dear sir.
      Agent can be everything that receive information from real world then make an action.You can design an intelligent wnoledgebase in expert system environment with a shell such as VPX or CLIPS  etc that receive data ffrom user and analyse them and answer to what that you enter.It will be an intelligent agent.
      good lock.

      mohan_bg2003 <mohan_bg2003@...> wrote:
      Hi everybody,

      I want to develop an intelligent agent with a small knowledge base.
      But I am not able to find out how to start implementing that. What i
      am finding in "aima" is the theoritical part of developing an
      intelligent agent.

      Can anybody give me some directions how to start developing an
      intelligent agent(start implementing) and what are the tools available
      and required to develop such an intelligent agent.


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