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523Re: [aima-talk] artificialidea.com library

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  • Ivan Villanueva
    Jul 1, 2005
      On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 08:57:22AM -0300, Alejandro Alliana Granada wrote:
      > Ivan Villanueva escribió:
      > >Hello,
      > >some months ago I posted here that I was starting to program a java
      > >library with the algorithms of the book.
      > >
      > >Now the code is well documented and highly reusable and configurable
      > >(due to the use of design patterns techniques).
      > >
      > Your iniciative is great! I'll like to help by adding mtd(f) to your
      > library if that's ok with you.

      Thanks. I welcome any contribution. Your idea of adding an algorithm to
      the library is the best to do. My highest expectations are that some
      teachers ask their students (as an assignment) to program some
      algorithms that fits in the library and send them to me. But I don't know
      if that is going to happen.

      Anyway I have checked the Wikipedia for MTD-f and at the moment there is
      no article about it. Please consider to write a couple of lines
      explaining it at:

      Iván Villanueva
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