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519Model-Interpretation combinations

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  • Amit Deokar
    Jun 16, 2005
      I am using AIMA for self-study and research during my doctoral studies
      at the University of Arizona and I need some help. I am studying
      Chapter 8 (First-Order Logic) and am perplexed by the Exercise problem
      8.5. It asks to derive a formula for the number of possible
      model-interpretation combinations for a domain with D elements. It
      uses this concept to come up with 10^25 combinations for a domain with
      5 objects (in the Richard & King John example, page 247). Can someone
      please explain me how this is the case? How is such formula conceived
      and then used in this case? It will help me understand the concept of
      model-interpretation much better. Thanks in advance for your help and