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497Re: [aima-talk] Programming - Best Language

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  • Osamah alsaidi
    Feb 26, 2005
      The Best Language for AI Programming is Prolog, Personally I like it for more than just AI.
      Osama Alsaeede.

      kroax2 <kroax2@...> wrote:

      I'm taking a course in AI, we are using the textbook "A Modern
      Approach".  I saw in the textbook that the code they work around
      looks more or less something like Java.  I'm not to certain myself.
      My question is: I have only learnt one language so far and that is
      Visual Basic.net, I still want to learn those other languages, but
      for this course in AI we have to do a practical in AI, to develop an
      AI Agent, will VB.net be sufficient for a small practical agent, or
      should I consider looking at another language, if so which language
      would you say is the best for AI programming?


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