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43Re: [aima-talk] problems at end of each chapter

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  • Peter Norvig
    Feb 3, 2002
      I certainly agree that there is a tradeoff, and worked examples are a great
      help. I don't want to give away answers to existing problems, but I do
      think that adding new problems, on the web site, with worked answers is a
      good idea. Stuart and I are working hard on finishing the second edition;
      as soon as that is complete, we'll add some additional problems with
      answers. Until then, you're welcome to start a discussion, post answers,
      and I'll make comments on them if necessary.


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      Subject: Re: [aima-talk] problems at end of each chapter

      > Hello,
      > This is always a trade off between instructors being afraid
      > that the studens will write off the solutions manual their
      > assignments and students' motivation to do the exercises (other than
      > for practicing when they know that they won't get a right answer
      > right away to cofirm the correctnes of their solution.
      > There are several ways to overcome this:
      > o When I was taking an AI course, I came up with
      > an idea to create a sort of mini-comunity to solve
      > AIMA problems, and publish poeple's solutions and
      > their revisions, so Vlad you can join it some time
      > after, but this won't help you much now before
      > your exam.
      > o Use group discussions. Get together with classmates
      > and discuss the problems. This really helps (tested :))
      > o Some other ways I haven't come up with :)
      > What actually would be nice to have, is not all the porblems
      > solved in the book, but one per topic. This approach is used
      > by some authors.
      > -s
      > Quoting Peter Norvig <peter@...>:
      > > We can't give out the answers to exercises, because some instructors
      > > want to assign them for homework.
      > >
      > > -Peter
      > >
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      > >
      > >
      > > > Hi, I am getting for an exam in my AI course. We are using Mr.
      > > > Russell's and Mr. Norvig's "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern
      > > > Approach." To prepare for the exam, I was trying to tackle some of
      > > > the exercises at the end of each chapter. However, I cannot be sure
      > > > if my answers are correct. Is there a website anywhere, or something
      > > > that I can download, that may act as an anwer guide to the book's end-
      > > > of-chapter exercises?
      > --
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