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42Re: [aima-talk] problems at end of each chapter

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  • Serguei A Mokhov
    Feb 3, 2002
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      This is always a trade off between instructors being afraid
      that the studens will write off the solutions manual their
      assignments and students' motivation to do the exercises (other than assigments)
      for practicing when they know that they won't get a right answer
      right away to cofirm the correctnes of their solution.

      There are several ways to overcome this:

      o When I was taking an AI course, I came up with
      an idea to create a sort of mini-comunity to solve
      AIMA problems, and publish poeple's solutions and
      their revisions, so Vlad you can join it some time
      after, but this won't help you much now before
      your exam.

      o Use group discussions. Get together with classmates
      and discuss the problems. This really helps (tested :))

      o Some other ways I haven't come up with :)

      What actually would be nice to have, is not all the porblems
      solved in the book, but one per topic. This approach is used
      by some authors.


      Quoting Peter Norvig <peter@...>:

      > We can't give out the answers to exercises, because some instructors
      > want to assign them for homework.
      > -Peter
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      > From: "bishop_vlad" <bishop_vlad@...>
      > Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 5:05 PM
      > > Hi, I am getting for an exam in my AI course. We are using Mr.
      > > Russell's and Mr. Norvig's "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern
      > > Approach." To prepare for the exam, I was trying to tackle some of
      > > the exercises at the end of each chapter. However, I cannot be sure
      > > if my answers are correct. Is there a website anywhere, or something
      > > that I can download, that may act as an anwer guide to the book's end-
      > > of-chapter exercises?

      Serguei A. Mokhov <mailto:mokhov@...>
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