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416Re: [aima-talk] Minimax algorithm

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  • The Geek
    Nov 8, 2004
      That's one of those "wave your hands and magic
      appears" moments in the book. I don't know Scheme (or
      Lisp) but when I coded it in Java, I set a
      class-variable for the best move every time I was
      ready to leave the max algorithm. Sure, it gets set a
      couple of times when you're deep in the recursion, but
      on your way out at the top it'll get set to the next
      move properly.

      Rob G.
      --- solunne <solunne@...> wrote:

      > I really dont understand how I could return the
      > action in Sucessors
      > (state) with value v (p. 166). In facts, I don't
      > understand how a
      > sucessors of a state is associated with a value ?
      > Thanks for help.
      > (I use Scheme (dialect of Lisp) to implement the
      > code from the book.)

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