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401AIMA.LISP FIle Loading Error

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  • shehaner
    Sep 19, 2004
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      I followed the directions for installing AIMA code and all worked
      well until I activated my Allegro 6.2 and tried to load the
      AIMA.Lisp file. I also tried this for several other WIndows Lisp
      Packages and received the same error message. These are the
      instructions I gave and the error I received:

      Commands Given to Allegro Windows version 6.2

      (load "c:\\Norvig\\aima.lisp") - Where I have aima.lisp loaded
      (aima-load 'all)

      Errors Shown:

      ; Loading c:\Norvig\aima.lisp
      Error: Package "C" not found. [file position = 222]
      [condition type: READER-ERROR]
      recompile due to incompatible FASL

      I have also tried:

      (Load "c:\\Norvig\\aima.lisp") by itself

      (Load "aima.lisp") by itself, etc. and still get the same error.

      I had modified the aima.lisp file as directed to change the *aima-
      root* in line 9 to show c:\\Norvig\\aima.lisp

      I put no quotes around the path and also tried it with quotes - to
      no avail.

      Please help if you have a suggestion. I have spent the greater part
      of two days on this and thank goodness I found this forum. I am new
      to Lisp and find this a fasinating and logical language but can't
      figure any way to run anything on the standard Lisp software
      packages other than single function programs.

      Thanks, Ron Shehane