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397Re: Need help with A* search question

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  • j1mmy_n3u7120n
    Sep 16, 2004
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      Note that the class is of no specific use , its more like the
      structure in C but u can add some important functions like
      calcHeuristic to this class which calculates heuristic distances (in
      your case the euclidean distance between the cities).

      the class matrix Edge[][] is nothing more than a weighted matrix like
      the one we use in graphs.(Note that the tree is also a graph without
      loops thats all. So u can represent a tree even in a weighted matrix
      form .... )

      what i did was instead of having just simple weighted matrix ... i
      have many information stored along with the weight. For applying the
      A* to this matrix .. u will be travelling the matrix from (left to
      right) or (top to bottom) whichever way u prefer.

      -- AI

      P.S -> And no i don't have a working code neither am i planning to
      write one in the immediate future.

      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, Nizam A Haja <wizniz@r...> wrote:
      > Hi jimmy.. thanks a lot for ur reply..
      > but i dont quite understand what the class edge is
      > for.. and how i can use the matrix to find out the
      > best solution i want..
      > would u have the code for that part? im confused on
      > how to use the class and yet show the overrall total
      > distance travelled so far.. and the A* search works on
      > a stucture that seems like a tree after the distances
      > are all worked out right?
      > Would u be able to write the code to solve this
      > question? If its not too much trouble.. thnx.
      > I could take a look and learn from it then..
      > Rgds
      > Feroz
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