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381Is this a bug in Chap 23.2 ?

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  • ¼B¤j¤¸
    Jul 28, 2004
      Is this a bug in Chap 23.2 ?

      On p. 841, line -7,
      "we can rank documents based on the score:

      then on p. 842, line 1,
      "With the assumption, we get
      =P(Q|D,r)*P(r|D) / P(~r|D)

      I believe the derivation of the latter has bug.
      What I'd suggest, is:
      =P(Q|D,r)*P(r|D) / (P(~r|D)*P(Q|D,~r))
      =P(Q|D,r)*P(r|D) / (P(~r|D)*P(Q|~r)) by using the assumption on p.
      841, last line.

      But then the author would need to explain how to calculate the new
      term P(Q|~r)).

      David Liu