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379cable laying problem

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  • Bhavin
    Jul 13, 2004
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      Hi all,

      As a part of academic project, I am solving one Cable
      Laying problem using GP.

      Problem is:
      To optimise cost, minimum path of laying cable in area
      X to be found.

      Inputs are Road, Obstacle (bldg, pond, temple etc),
      Delivery points, Source Points.
      So, using two dimensional array I represented all
      these points like

      Path Path Path
      Path Road Path
      Source Road Path
      Path Road Obstcale
      Path Road Path(D)
      Path(T)Path Path

      T- Turning point (Assumption)
      D- Delivery point

      Now, to connect with Source to Delivery Point I can
      create Turning Points to minimise distance in overall graph.

      In my initial population I will have to create minimum
      spanning trees of all possible graphs with Turning points.

      My problem is:
      How can I create graph by connecting edges where
      Obstacle is present. Ofcourse, path is available
      but lots of turning points may require. So, to walk
      and find the path is very messy exercise.

      And also how can I evaluate fitness? Because if i take
      any formula like Eucilidean etc. then also it will be incorret due to
      presence of obstacle between the points.

      Pls reply soon.

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