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365Re: [aima-talk] Simple question regarding task environment

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  • Mauricio Amaral de Almeida
    Apr 20, 2004
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      Someon please correct me if I wrong, but in my interpretation the actuators as
      in conceptualy part of the agent.
      But when you make a software implementation on the pair agent-environment you
      have to implement the actuatror, and the sensor for that matter, as methods
      of the class environment.
      That is so for you to be able to decouple the agent and the environment. In
      that way when an agent want to act over an environment it should call the
      proper method in the class environment.
      This is in fact the best way to do this because doing things this way the
      agent doesn't need to know the environment internal structure.


      On Monday 19 April 2004 23:25, Bob Riley wrote:
      > I am starting on some of the computing exercises in chapter 2 and
      > have a question regarding task environment. According to the book,
      > task environment is specified by performance measure, environment,
      > actuators, and sensors. The 1st two of these I can understand - but
      > why are acuators and sensors included in the task environment?
      > Shouldn't the task environment be the elements of interest outisde
      > of the agent? Aren't sensors and actuators part of the agent
      > itself? Upon first seeing this, I thought that my interpretation of
      > agent may be wrong - maybe the agent is simply the program/function
      > and the actuators and sensors are external entities that the agent
      > interacts with. But there are several examples in this chapter
      > where the actuators and sensors are considered to be part of the
      > agent. Can someone clear this up? Is it just me or does the book
      > seem to be altering the definition of agent in different parts of
      > the chapter?
      > Thanks,
      > Bob

      Prof. Dr. MaurĂ­cio Amaral de Almeida
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