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  • E etech058
    Apr 20, 2004
      Hello rahul,
      Maybe my reply is too late, you have already solved it.

      In the file "aima-lisp-code\logic\test-logic.lisp", it contains some "how to use kb?" code. I think this code may be useful to you.
      Please attention to "ask-pattern".

      "A family relationships knowledge base and problem."
      ((tell kb2 '(Mother Gerda Peter)))
      ((tell kb2 '(Father Torsten Peter)))
      ((tell kb2 '(Father Peter Isabella)))
      ((tell kb2 '(Father Peter Juliet)))
      ((tell kb2 '(=> (mother $x $y) (parent $x $y))))
      ((tell kb2 '(=> (father $x $y) (parent $x $y))))
      ((tell kb2 '(=> (and (parent $g $p) (parent $p $c)) (grand-parent $g $c))))
      ((ask-patterns kb2 '(grand-parent $x $y))
      '((Grand-parent Gerda Isabella) (Grand-parent Gerda Juliet)
      (Grand-parent Torsten Isabella) (Grand-parent Torsten Juliet)))

      "Now the 'Criminal' problem from [p 271-272]."
      ((setf kb3 (make-horn-kb)))
      ((tell kb3 "American(x) ^ Weapon(y) ^ Nation(z) ^ Hostile(z) ^ Sells(x,z,y)
      => Criminal(x)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Owns(Nono,M1)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Missle(M1)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Owns(Nono,x) ^ Missle(x) => Sells(West,Nono,x)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Missle(x) => Weapon(x)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Enemy(x,America) => Hostile(x)"))
      ((tell kb3 "American(West)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Nation(Nono)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Enemy(Nono,America)"))
      ((tell kb3 "Nation(America)"))
      ((ask kb3 "Criminal(West)") 't)
      ((ask-pattern kb3 "Criminal(x)" "x") 'West)

      =============quotation end=====================

      kind regards
      chenyu (shanghai, china).

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      From: Rahul Kotamaraju [mailto:rahul061278@...]
      Sent: 2004年3月30日 5:04
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      Subject: [aima-talk] FOL


      im new here. im not sure if the question im going to pose here has
      already been answered.

      in the "logic" section of AIMA code, how does ask-each function (w.r.t
      FOL.lisp) work?
      Lets say ive created an fol-kb.
      (setq kb (make-fol-kb))
      (tell kb "Classroom(C1)")
      (tell kb "Classroom(C2)")
      (tell kb "IsBigger(C1,C2)")

      1.if i want to query the kb to ask/ask-each if Classroom C1 is bigger
      than C2 then how do I do it?
      2.the clauses that i have added above to the kb - are they in the
      right form?


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