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361aima errata

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  • chalkov
    Mar 19, 2004
      Dear Dr. Norvig,

      Recently I read AIMA and I'm sending a list of the errors I found
      I hope it helps


      1.Chapter 14, page 515, figure 14.14


      x,w <- Weighted-Sample(bn)

      x,w <- Weighted-Sample(bn,e)

      2. chapter 14, page 527, line 10


      T(Tall(Nate) /\ T(Heavy(Nate)) = 0.4


      T(Tall(Nate) /\ Heavy(Nate)) = 0.4
      3.chapter 15, page 545


      bk+1:t = BACKWARD(bk+2:t,ek+1:t)

      bk+1:t = BACKWARD(bk+2:t,ek+1)
      4.Appendix A, page 982

      The typo is in the formula for F(x)
      We can't integrate over variable x because x is the upper
      boundary for the integral

      5.chaprer 16 page 596


      U(x1,...,xn) = f[f1(x1),...,fn(xn) , ]


      U(x1,...,xn) = f[f1(x1),...,fn(xn)] ,

      6.Chapter 17 page 637, figure 17.11

      The utility expectation for player O when E has a mixed
      strategy should be -3*p + 4*(1-p) instead of 3*p + 4*(1-p)
      In the second case the utility expectation for E when O has a
      mixed strategy should be -3*q + 4*(1-q) instead of 3*q

      + 4*(1-q)

      7.Chapter 18 page 669, line 5 from the bottom

      "Thus, the probability that it agrees with a given example is
      at least"

      "Thus, the probability that it agrees with a given example is
      at most"

      8.Chapter 23 page 837, figure 23.1

      return sequence,best[i]

      should be replaced with

      return sequence,best[n]

      because the overal sequence probability is accumulated in best

      9.Chapter 24 page 869

      In the formula of the Gaussian filter sigma ^ 2 should be
      replaced with sigma or it should be placed under the square