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  • ³ÂÓí
    Mar 21 7:54 PM
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      I have found a introduction which is about VRP as a learning problem.
      But it is written in Japanease, I can't understand it now. After
      asking helping others for translation, I could reply you later.

      The website: http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/
      contains many paper about VRP. Maybe keyword of "learning VRP" will
      help you found many similars.

      In addition, I found some useful maganizes about this problem. I have
      found them in my local library (shanghai library). Maybe you could
      find them in your locals too.
      1. JORS (Journal of the Operation Research)
      ISSN: 0160-5682

      2. Annals of Operational Research
      ISSN: 0254-5330

      3. Management Science
      ISSN: 0025-1909

      If anyone have any useful reference about it, please let me know.
      Thank you for your attention.
      Best regards/chenyu

      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, seA <sea12_02@y...> wrote:
      > can i represent this VRP as a Reinforcement Learning problem?
      becaus im thinking about using RL for my mini project,any idea?
      > regards,
      > seA/indonesia
      > ³ÂÓí <chenyu468@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Yes, ¡®Vehicle route problem¡¯ is a search problem. It is a central
      > problem in distribution management. The classical problem¡¯s
      > description is:
      > Fact:
      > 1. brief:
      > a) One company has many customers for distribution products.
      > The company has many vehicles fore doing the work. Every customer¡¯
      > order is small. Company wants to design a plan for all vehicles to
      > lower the distribution cost.
      > 2. details:
      > a) G = (V,E) be an undirected graph where V = {v0,v1,?
      amp;shy;vn} is
      > a set of vertices representing customers. E ={(vi,vj)|vi,vj belong
      > V, i<j} is the edge set.
      > b) Vertex v0 denotes a depot at which are based m identical
      > vehicles of capacity Q, where m is a decision variable or a
      > c) Each customer of V\{v} has a non-negative demand qi, a non-
      > negative service time si. (waiting, unloading time)
      > d) A distance matrix (cij) is defined on E. We use the terms
      > distance and travel time interchangeably.
      > Problem(VRP---for vehicle route problem
      > 1. designing a set of m vehicles routes having a minimum total
      > length and such that
      > a) each route start and ends at the depot
      > b) each remaining city is visited exactly once by one vehicle
      > c) the total demand of a route does not exceed
      > d) The total duration of a route does not exceed a preset
      > limit L.
      > Many people think that the core of VRP is TSP (traveling salesman
      > problem). But it is more difficult than TSP. TSP has only one
      > salesman.
      > Many variants of VRP exists,
      > 1. To delete the above fact b. Some customer¡¯s order is very
      > big so that the order is more than the vehicle¡¯s capacity.
      > 2. Another special vertex appears. It is not customer. It is
      > highway fee collection point. Therefore the Problem-1 requirement
      > should be modified.
      > 3. Many different kind of vehicle exists, For example, one
      > kind of vehicles are for freezing products, one kind of vehicles
      > for common products.
      > 4. Every vehicle can have more than 1 route.
      > 5. etc.
      > There are many different approachs to solve the problem:
      > 1. hill climbing
      > 2. simulated annealing
      > 3. neural network
      > 4. GA
      > 5. ant system
      > 6. etc
      > I think many knowledge of AIMA can be applied to this problem, and
      > this problem¡¯s requirement is easy to imagine and new requirement
      > can be added for more difficulty.
      > Thank you for your attention.
      > Best regards/chenyu (shanghai, China)
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