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318Re: CSP problem MRV can be implemented independently?

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  • Brandon Corfman
    Dec 31, 2003
      Page 144 of your d/l copy refers to the method of BT + MRV, meaning
      that FC is not needed. However, they work like hand in glove. At the
      bottom of the same page, the book says FC is an efficient way to
      compute MRV. Otherwise, finding the MRV involves many redundant
      computations, as you've noticed.

      For a more in-depth explanation, see
      and look at pages 6 & 7.

      Best regards,

      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, "chenyu468" <chenyu468@y...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > I have downloaded AIMA version 2 sample chapter 5 and am doing its
      > exercises.
      > In exercise 5.7, it requires to compare the algorithms of MRV,
      > forward checking, FC+MRV, Min-conflicts.
      > But I wonder is it possible to implement MRV independently without
      > My impossible reasons are as follows:
      > 1. MRV means "minimium remaining values". It means the unassigned
      > variable with "minimium remaining values" should be selected
      > The 2 implementation ideas are
      > 1. to filter unassigned variables' domain everytime after
      > assigning a variable.
      > or
      > 2. calculate the every unassigned variable's legal domains
      > everytime before select.
      > The above 2nd implemenation is low efficient for repeat calculation
      > on legal domains, therefore, it is a bad idea.
      > So only the 1st implementation is accepted. It seems the exercise
      > should be modified to "compare the algorithms of FC,FC+MRV,Min-
      > conflicts.
      > What's about your idea?
      > Thank you for your attention.
      > Best regards/chenyu
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