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314CSP problem MRV can be implemented independently?

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  • chenyu468
    Dec 30, 2003
      Hello everyone,
      I have downloaded AIMA version 2 sample chapter 5 and am doing its

      In exercise 5.7, it requires to compare the algorithms of MRV,
      forward checking, FC+MRV, Min-conflicts.
      But I wonder is it possible to implement MRV independently without FC?
      My impossible reasons are as follows:
      1. MRV means "minimium remaining values". It means the unassigned
      variable with "minimium remaining values" should be selected firstly.
      The 2 implementation ideas are
      1. to filter unassigned variables' domain everytime after
      assigning a variable.
      2. calculate the every unassigned variable's legal domains
      everytime before select.

      The above 2nd implemenation is low efficient for repeat calculation
      on legal domains, therefore, it is a bad idea.

      So only the 1st implementation is accepted. It seems the exercise 5.7
      should be modified to "compare the algorithms of FC,FC+MRV,Min-

      What's about your idea?

      Thank you for your attention.
      Best regards/chenyu
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