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312Re: [aima-talk] Re: Hi Everybody

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  • Fathi Salaymeh
    Nov 26, 2003
      Tyhank you very mich, but it is not my question
      again thank you for your concerning

      chenyu468 <chenyu468@...> wrote:
      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, Fathi Salaymeh <fathi_kazem@y...>
      > Hi everybody;
      > I'm asking if there is any one who can help be in solving  Exercise
      3.4 page 89 in our text book.
      > please if there is anybody who have the solution, please sent it to
      > with regards
      > Fathi Salaymeh;
      > ---------------------------------
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      I have the version 1 of AIMA book, not version 2. In my book,
      exercise 3.4 is about missionaries and cannibals and it is in page 88
      not in page 89. Do you want this exercise's solution? If yes, I have
      written it by "Python", do you need it or not?

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