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291chapter 8 (knowledge base) exercise question about representation

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  • chenyu468
    Dec 9, 2003
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      I have tried to do exercise of chapter 8 and found it is more
      difficult than previous chapters.
      I have listed my answer and my consideration about one exercise.
      Could you give me your ideas?

      8.2 a.Water boils at 100 degrees.
      My answer:
      All e belong(e,Boil(Water)) <==> Temperature(Water) = 100
      My consideration:
      1. after reading General Ontology about Events. Is the represenation

      8.2 b. The water in John's water bottle is frozen.
      My answer:
      Some x, Some y, Belong(x,Water)^In(x,y)^Type(y)=bottle^owner(y)
      My consideration:
      1. I think "bottle" is a category word, it is countable, so "bottle"
      can't be used to especially pointed to this John's water bottle.
      Therefore variable "y" is added. Is it right?
      2. I think it is not necessary to give a name to the object in the
      John's water bottle. Therefore variable "x" is added. Is it right?
      3. How to represent the "water bottle"?
      I have used Type(y)=bottle^Purpose(y)=Water. Does better
      represetation exists, and how?
      4. I don't know it is suitable to use "variable like x, y" when
      represent fact not rule. How about your idea?

      8.2 d All liquid has a freezing point.
      My first answer:
      All x, Status(x) = liquid ==> some m, (FreezingPoint(x) = Centigrade
      My second answer:
      All x, Some e, belong(e,Status(x) = liquid) ==> some m, (FreezingPoint
      (x) = Centigrade(m))

      My consideration:
      1. I think that the first answer is wrong, because it restricts the
      pre-condition and it is different from the statement.
      2. I don't know the predicate "FreezingPoint" is too long,
      like "VerySmallBearBrain". How do you think about it?

      Thank you for your attention.
      kind regards/chenyu
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