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285Re: sorry,not the 3.14 in the 1st version,but 2st version

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  • chenyu468
    Dec 7, 2003
      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, Paolo Amoroso <amoroso@m...> wrote:
      > Chenyu writes:
      > > I have the 1st vesion AIMA. Could you write down the 3.14 here
      > > discussion?
      > Here is the text of exercise 3.14 from the 2nd edition of AIMA:
      > Write a program that will take as input two Web page URLs and
      find a
      > path of links from one to the other. What is an appropriate search
      > strategy? Is bidirectional search a good idea? Could a search
      > be used to implement a predecessor function?

      By the way, I have 2 stupid pre-questions:
      1. Why it is necessary to search a path of links from one URL to the
      other URL? When we search through google, we always entry "key word"
      not "URL". If we know the "URL" already, what's the need to search
      through "google?

      2. What's the meaning of "predecessor function"?
      2.1 In the version 1 of AIMA, I can't find this concept in the Index

      kind regards/chenyu

      > Paolo
      > --
      > Why Lisp? http://alu.cliki.net/RtL%20Highlight%20Film
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