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284source code "search/domains/tsp.lisp"

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  • chenyu468
    Dec 7, 2003
      I am reading "search/domains/tsp.lisp" and "route-finding.lisp"
      files. The author explains that "h-heuristic" function is a relaxed
      version of a minimum spanning tree.

      After reading the source code, I found that "h-heurstic" function is
      mainly calculated in the function "path-lower-bound". Comparing
      with "graph theory book"'s "minimum spanning tree" chapter, I found
      that the algorithm is different.
      Source codes's algorithm is more simple because it will doesn't
      guarantee the final graph is a tree.

      I don't know why to use relaxed version, not full version. Does
      this "h-heuristic" value is better than full version's "h-heuristic"

      How about your idea?
      kind regards/chenyu