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281Re: [aima-talk] Hi all , anybody know something about ABSOLVER

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  • Paulo Coelho Ventura Pinto
    Dec 6 4:35 PM
      Once I have looked for an ABSOLVER implementation in the Web. My quest was
      in vain...
      If anyone knows how to obtain information obout it and its implementation I
      would be very pleased to hear of it. In that time I was really interested to
      know about the heuristic created by it to solve rubik cube for a particular
      instance. (Indeed this was my "problem") As I have no idea to obtain the
      ABSOVER I have found another approach to the rubik cube problem: The Use of
      Pattens Databases (by Richard Korf). If anyone has any interest by the use
      of Patterns Database I can send to him the papers about it. PDs are much
      more flexible and their applications are found in other IA problems.

      Paulo Coelho

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      Subject: [aima-talk] Hi all , anybody know something about ABSOLVER

      > Dear All
      > I have a Question about ABSOLVER .
      > In page 103 it is witten that "Recently a program called ABSOLVER was
      > written that can generate heuristics automatically from problem
      > definitions , using the "relaxerd problem"... "
      > I just wanna know more about this ABSOLVER , does anybody know
      > anything about it or not ?
      > Thanks
      > Shawn
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