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264Re: [aima-talk] Wumpus World- enviornment ---fig 2.14 (Re:Wumpus)

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  • Peter Norvig
    Nov 29, 2003
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      This line of pseudocode says to take the agent's program and apply it
      to the agent's percept, in order to get the agent's action. If there
      were only one agent, it would be

      action <-- program(percept())

      It is connected to the environment in that the percept function is
      determined by the environment.

      On Saturday, November 29, 2003, at 07:42 AM, Maithreebhanu
      Wimalasekare wrote:

      > thank you chenyu, I shall certainly follow your advice. But i have
      > another question. In figure 2.14 (pg 48 ed1) the books gives psuedo
      > code for the environment, the line
      > Action[agent]<-- Program[agent](Percept[agent])
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