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262Re: Wumpus ! Help

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  • chenyu468
    Nov 27, 2003
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      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, Maithreebhanu <bhanu128@y...> wrote:
      > Could any one please explian to me the wupus example in chapter 6.
      > -bhanu
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      In chapter 6, the wupus example is a little difficult understand for
      the read of first time. It just gives the abstruct structure for how
      to describe and solve problem. I think because it is difficult to
      implement this method, therefore the author doesn't give the exercise
      for programming. But wupus example has been used in chapter 8 (if I
      remember) and much better method has been used for handling this
      Maybe you could continue read for comparing these chapters for
      further understanding.
      In addition, Mr. norvig has provided source code for "wumpus"
      problems by lisp in the "agent" and "logic" (If I remember) folders,
      you could check it. The java source code is also available for
      this "wumpus" problem.

      kind regards/chenyu
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