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260many ambiguous questions in AIMA

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  • gobigredhuskers2000
    Nov 25, 2003
      for some reason, i really feel that some problmes in the textbook
      are really ambiguous, or hard to understand what it asks for. Or
      just because I am too stupid.
      For example in 18.8 (b)
      show class probability p/(p+n) minimize the sum of squared errors.

      what does class probability means?
      does it mean the probability of the positive example occur in the
      in order to minimize a function, it must be that some varible takes
      some value to minimize it. Here, who takes the value of p/(p+n)?

      any reason why the question is kept hard to understand?

      there are other examples in the textbook which i just could not
      understand what exactly it asks for?

      maybe i just should not learn AI?
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