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  • mbunirigo@yahoo.com.ar
    Oct 25 5:50 PM
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      Hello, I'm a studen at Buenos Aires University, Argentina

      I've installed Alegro CL 6.0 to use AIMA package

      I have a the following problem:
      when I tried to load aima.lisp, Alegro CL 6.0 shows me this error

      Error: Attempt to make a FUNCTION definition for the name WHILE as a
      MACRO. This name is in the EXCL package and redefining it is a
      violation for portable programs. Replacing the current definition of
      #<macro WHILE @ #x200260b2> may be dangerous. The package EXCL has
      PACKAGE-DEFINITION-LOCK set, which causes the system to signal this
      [condition type: PACKAGE-LOCKED-ERROR]

      I undestand that Aima package has some functions that Alegro CL 6.0
      have yet defined.

      Anybody knows how to solve this problem.

      Thanks in advance, Mariano Buñirigo
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