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229Re: [aima-talk] Exercise 6.8 clarification

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  • Peter Norvig
    Oct 4, 2003
      On Friday, October 3, 2003, at 11:31 AM, icewind0 wrote:

      > I think Exercise 6.8 is unclear in describing what it is asking the
      > student to do.
      > I think my problem is that I'm having trouble visualizing the game
      > tree. Does a "die-roll sequence" define the game tree? What exactly is
      > a "die-roll sequence"? I'm assuming its just 50 rolls of the die. Is
      > this incorrect? If someone could perhaps rephrase the question or
      > provide any insight into what 6.8 is looking for, I'd appreaciate it.
      > Maybe showing the game state tree created by some sequence would be
      > helpful. The question is below so you don't have to reach for your
      > book. :) Thanks.

      A die-roll sequence is 8 rolls (say). There are 50 different
      sequences. Each one determines a game tree. In each of those trees,
      there are only moves for the two players; the rolls are fixed. So the
      first player has a chose of moves with the first given roll (say, a 6)
      and the second player then gets a choice of moves with her roll (say a

      > 6.8 Consider the following procedure for choosing moves in games with
      > chance nodes:
      > - Generate some die-roll sequences (say, 50) down to a suitable
      > depth (say, 8)
      > - With known die rolls, the game tree becomes deterministoc. For
      > each die-roll sequence, solve the resulting deterministic game tree
      > using alpha-beta.
      > - Use the results to estimate the value of each move and to choose
      > the best.
      > Will this procedure work well? Why (not)?
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