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227Exercise 6.8 clarification

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  • icewind0
    Oct 3, 2003
      I think Exercise 6.8 is unclear in describing what it is asking the
      student to do.

      I think my problem is that I'm having trouble visualizing the game
      tree. Does a "die-roll sequence" define the game tree? What exactly is
      a "die-roll sequence"? I'm assuming its just 50 rolls of the die. Is
      this incorrect? If someone could perhaps rephrase the question or
      provide any insight into what 6.8 is looking for, I'd appreaciate it.
      Maybe showing the game state tree created by some sequence would be
      helpful. The question is below so you don't have to reach for your
      book. :) Thanks.

      6.8 Consider the following procedure for choosing moves in games with
      chance nodes:
      - Generate some die-roll sequences (say, 50) down to a suitable
      depth (say, 8)
      - With known die rolls, the game tree becomes deterministoc. For
      each die-roll sequence, solve the resulting deterministic game tree
      using alpha-beta.
      - Use the results to estimate the value of each move and to choose
      the best.

      Will this procedure work well? Why (not)?
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