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220Re: [aima-talk] Problem 3.4 - Help on Berlekamp reference

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  • Simon D'Alfonso
    Sep 3, 2003
      I was also working on problem 3.4 and decided to look up the Berlekamp books. I only found very brief coverage of the eight-puzzle and nothing particularly relevant to the question. Try this link. It discusses the disconnectednes of the eight puzzle and has some further relevant links.
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      Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 11:22 AM
      Subject: [aima-talk] Problem 3.4 - Help on Berlekamp reference

      I was working on problem 3.4 (never did get very good at those
      sliding-block puzzles as a kid).  I found the Berlekamp books at the
      library, but I haven't found sliding-block puzzles in there yet. 
      Are they under a different name, or is there a different class of
      games I should be looking for?


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