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208Re: [aima-talk] Fringe

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  • Peter Norvig
    Sep 5, 2003
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      The collection of nodes is a queue of nodes that are on the fringe of
      the graph -- fringe meaning the frontier, or the leaf nodes of the
      expanding graph. We thought that "fringe" was a better name than
      "queue" because it indicates what this is a collection of, rather than
      how the collection is implemented. Similarly, if you had a list of
      employee names in a payroll problem, then "names" would probably be a
      better variable name than "list".

      -Peter Norvig

      On Thursday, September 4, 2003, at 09:31 AM, Brandon Corfman wrote:

      > The graph-search and tree-search algorithms in chapter 3 of the 2nd
      > edition use a "fringe" variable to maintain the queue of nodes. Does
      > anyone know why the word "fringe" is used to describe this? The 1st
      > edition talked about a queue instead (actually, an "enqueue" function)
      > and I thought that terminology was more straightforward. Does the word
      > "fringe" have a more specific meaning than queue?
      > Thanks,
      > Brandon
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