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164CSP chapter

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  • Brandon Corfman
    May 27, 2003
      I finished reading the CSP chapter (the PDF file posted on the web
      site) over the weekend. I have a comment about one of the sentences
      in section 5.2 talking about arc consistency.

      On p. 146, it says that "although this [arc consistency] is
      substantially more expensive than forward checking, the extra cost is
      usually worthwhile." This doesn't seem to agree with the CSP survey
      paper by Kumar (1992), which mentions that for loosely constrained
      problems like N-queens that arc consistency is too expensive. (This is
      also borne out by my own experience writing loosely-constrained CSPs
      that have used AC-3.)

      In this regard, I think that it would be good for section 5.2 to
      actually have a brief mention of tightly constrained problems vs.
      loosely constrained problems that would lead into a discussion of why
      you would only apply FC vs. MAC/AC-3.

      My 2 cents.

      Best regards,