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163Re: [aima-talk] Question regarding intelligence and feelings

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  • Michael Schuerig
    May 23, 2003
      On Friday 23 May 2003 11:31, bhargav prajapati wrote:

      > What the intelligence can create Fellings?

      It all depends on what you mean by "feelings".

      If you extend the question somewhat to "Can purely algorithmic processes
      in a system result in the system having feelings", then you get one of
      the hot topics of recent philosophy of mind. Important players are Ned
      Block, David Chalmers, Thomas Nagel, John Searle, Sidney Shoemaker and,
      of course, Daniel Dennett.

      Basically, the debate boils down to an unmitigated opposition between
      those who believe in (philosophical) Zombies and those who don't.
      Zombies in this sense are creatures who behave absolutely
      indistinguishable from ordinary people -- but who don't feel anything,
      they don't have "qualia" (philo jargon for raw feelings).

      So, if you would insist that feelings are something above and beyond
      behavior, utterances, predispositions -- that is, things that can be
      discernd from a scientific, third-person perspective. And if you
      instead claimed that you have privileged, exclusive, first-person
      access to "what it's like". Well, then there's no way from algorithmic
      process to feelings.

      People who favor this big-R Realist view of qualia conceive of the
      feelings themselves as something in need of explanation. In my opinion,
      this is a futile endeavor. Instead, I side with those (Dennett), who
      more or less see our *verbal reports of feelings* as the thing to
      explain. Feelings in this sense are (small-r) real, too, as they
      obviously have an explanatory role in our mental economy.


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