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  • Luke Hodgkinson
    Jan 15, 2003
      Dear Dr. Norvig,
      I completed a partial errata list through page 515, but unfortunately, I may not get the chance to go further. My apologies. I hope that this partial list helps.

      Errata List for AIMA, 2nd Edition, through page 515


      page 26 third line from the bottom: replace form with from

      page 37 14th line from the bottom: replace a with an

      page 86 line 14: replace contingency problems with contingency problem

      page 95 footnote 2: replace is with it

      page 121 line 12: remove [discretization]

      page 130 line 3: remove extra word betwen combines and pairs

      page 165 14th line from bottom: remove extra word between to and extend

      page 182 line 3: transpose felt and that

      page 183 7th line from the bottom: add has between approach and been

      page 191 Ex. 6.5 b. 3rd line: add to between nodes and the

      page 194 9th line from bottom: add is between uses and in

      page 247 last line: add are between there and roughly

      page 276 7th line from bottom: add in between that and one

      page 284 figure 9.5 line 2: add AND symbol between Diff(nt, q) and Diff(nt, sa)

      page 284 line 5: remove if and add it after whether

      page 364 line 15: remove [modal operator]

      page 368 8th line from the bottom: a reference is made to the supermarket world; perhaps the reference should be changed to the Internet shopping world

      page 370 Ex. 10.4: Section 10.3 did not have any axioms relating to soup; perhaps the axioms that are to be used should be clarified

      page 375 line 3: no logical planning agent was introduced in chapter 10; perhaps the reference should be to Chapter 7

      page 406 line 16 Leftrightarrow should be replaced by an actual arrow

      page 413 Ex. 11.4 d.: it does not seem that the qualification problem has been introduced at this point in the book; even the index agrees

      page 425 line 17: replace are with and

      page 431 line 9: the qualification problem does not seem to have been discussed in Chapter 10

      page 436 line 6: add what before state

      page 437 line 5: change state!set to state set

      page 440 10th line from bottom: add are between problems and intractable

      page 445 12th line from bottom: change POP-CON to CONTINUOUS-POP-AGENT

      page 451 first line: change satisfie to satisfies

      page 455 10th line: replace multiagent with Multiagent

      page 462 11th line: insert able between be and conclude

      page 462 6th line from bottom: the qualification problem was not mentioned in Chapter 10

      page 464 first line of second full paragraph: insert a between Assigning and probability

      page 467 10th line from bottom: change first an to as

      page 467 2nd line from bottom: remove both commas

      page 471 7th line: replace could with have

      page 472 5th line of 3rd paragraph: change "described earlier" to "described on page 474"

      page 474 line 16: insert "by" between "bets" and "Agent"

      page 481 line 13: delete "use"

      page 488 line 14: remove superfluous period

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